Hi! I'm Renee, the author of Veggy & Fruity.

My name is Renee van Turenhout and I created this children's book about healthy food to help parents create an healthy eating pattern for their kids, which will help them in the future with their self asteem, they will feel good in their body's, feel confident and be energized, in the end that is what everyone wants for their children and their selves.


From my profession I have collected a lot of knowledge about health and

I worked with this every day in my practice.


It started when my kids were small, from my passion for healthy living,

I was always busy with healthy eating and cooking with my kids.


But at one point I was struggling, probably not as the only parent,

with certain healthy foods for my kids to eat.

I remember as friends or family came over and gave the kids their food,

they were more willing to try and at that point my mind started being creative

and I started to work on my first children's book about healthy food.


But I wanted it to be different, it had to be appealing for little children to read it and that they could connect with the characters in the book.

This way if they didn't want to eat or try to eat the healthy food I wanted them to eat, I could always refer to Veggy, Fruity or one of their friends, about how they always tried to eat things first before saying no to it.


This really helped me in my journey with raising my children with healthy food and without struggling to much with their eating pattern.

I always believed, the younger they are and taste all kinds of foods the easier it will be for them in the future to eat healthy food.


As the book developed in my head, I found an illustrator who had the most amazing way of drawing, just like I figured in my mind. I reached out to her with all my ideas, after a few adjustments I had my book about healthy food for children ready!


I was ready to spread it allover the world, to help other parents and to make it fun for their children to eat healthy, to start cooking with kids and parents.


Then things went a little different as expected, so the book came on my bookshelf and stayed there for a few years.


Eventually after some time, I decided, I couldn't just leave it there.

That would be such a pity!

I really want to help parents keeping or getting their kids to eat healthier, specially in the world that we're living in today, where sweets, candy's, soda's and junkfood is available everywhere.


So this year 2020, due to Corona and staying at home, I just couldn't stop myself and took out my book and decided to really launch it!


So here it is, and hopefully I can soon start working on my second book, because how much fun is it, to do something that I really like doing, where I can use my creativety and mostly help parents and their children.

Check out our homepage to help your kids stay healthy!

Renee van Turenhout author Veggy & Fruit